The Sapec Group was established in Portugal in 1926 to exploit the Lousal pyrite mines in Grândola.

The Group’s vertical integration in the production of phosphate fertilisers was a quick process, after which it expanded and gradually developed its production and marketing activities to other production input in agriculture. The production and marketing of fertilisers, plant protection products, seeds and animal feedstuffs were, for many decades, Sapec’s core activities.


After selling Sapec Agro Business, its primary area of activity, in 2016, Sapec turned its attention to restructuring some of the other activities and, through a major investment programme, strengthened and increased the capacity of assets connected to those businesses.


In 2019, the company acquired a stake in Algaia and set up TLA, a vehicle logistics company. These were the very first steps towards revitalising the portfolio and expanding to areas more directly related to the environment and sustainability.

Sapec's portfolio today includes the following activities:

• Solutions and distribution of industrial chemicals (Sapec Química);
• Multimodal logistics services on its platforms in Setúbal and Valongo (SPC);
• Port logistics services (Sapec Terminais Portuários – solid and liquid bulk terminals, Navipor – roll-on and roll-off handling operations, and Operestiva – supply of temporary port labour);
• Seaweed extract-based foodstuffs (Algaia);
• Real estate (Sapec Parques Industriais);



Generation of value for the community, employees, partners and investors, managing a diversified portfolio of activities in accordance with the principles and values ​​that define the SAPEC culture.



The values ​​we seek to see reflected in the performance of our employees, and in the practices of the SAPEC group companies are:

  • Loyalty

  • Confidence

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Ambition

  • Sustainability







Covid-19: Dois ventiladores e centenas de máscaras doados ao Hospital de Setúbal

Dois ventiladores e centenas de equipamentos de protecção individual foram doados recentemente ao Centro Hospitalar de Setúbal (CHS) por empresas e particulares, num gesto de ajuda ao combate à pandemia de covid-19, foi hoje anunciado.

Algaia completes US$2.3m funding round to expand seaweed-based solutions

French biomarine ingredients company Algaia has completed a €2.2 million (US$2.3 million) investment round to continue fueling its double-digit growth. One of the company’s main growth engines is VegAlg, its range of seaweed-based texturing solutions, which is designed to contribute shape and structure, as well as add juiciness to plant-based burgers. 



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